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It' s All About Y ou Change Leadership from a Buzzword into an Action By Scott Humphrey, CEO, World Floor Covering Association Leadership requires constant evaluation of one’s practice and performance. It is based around the belief that one can always do better. mong the many things we strive to improve through 4. Leadership is not selfsh. Leadership at its very core each issue of Premier Flooring Retailer is the quality exists to give back. That is why some of the greatest and Aof leadership within the industry. It is the reason most underutilized leaders are retired from work, but not we provide such unique content, including insights from from life. They have spent their time in the occupation leadership experts outside of the foor covering industry. of their choice, but are constantly looking for a way to give back. They love serving on boards and volunteering The challenge is that leadership has become a buzzword, their wisdom through organizations and upcoming and as such, it has lost its true meaning. The Miriam-Webster generations of workers. defnes leadership as “the power or ability to lead other 5. Leadership is not done. There is never a point where people.” In other words, leadership is an action taken by a there is no longer a need for leadership. In fact, though leader. In its simplest form, that’s what Leadership is. Let’s there are more books written, lectures given, and courses take a moment to look at what Leadership is not: taken on the topic of leadership than probably all others combined, there has never been a greater shortage of 1. Leadership is not a title. I recently sat before a and need for great leadership. prominent group in the fooring industry and challenged them to realize that true leadership is not based on the Premier Flooring Retailer is written to impact every aspect of title that precedes your name. Owner, President, CEO, your business. The purpose statement of the WFCA states, CFO, Sales Manager, etc…are simply identifers of a “We exist to ensure the success and proftability of the position that one holds. They say nothing of the impact professional fooring dealer and to represent their common one is having. We have all known and often worked for interest.” We understand that leadership is a key element people with fancy titles that we had no desire to follow to in your success. Some of you may fnd yourselves looking the water fountain, much less the business battlefeld. for strong leadership. Others may be at a place where they 2. Leadership is not limited by the level you hold can give back by providing it. No matter where you are on within an organization. We often relegate leadership to your road to success, you can be confdent you will fnd best those in authority within an organization, but we are all practices of key leaders within the pages of this issue and potential leaders. We all have the ability to have a positive future issues. impact on the performance of those with whom we come in contact. Some of the best mentoring relationships I We would love to hear from you and we welcome input about have encountered occurred in peer relationships or topics of interest to you. Please contact editor Jeff Golden at middle management. with your story suggestions. n 3. Leadership is not stagnant. Leadership requires constant evaluation of one’s practice and performance. It Scott Humphrey is based around the belief that one can always do better. That means that true leaders are rarely satisfed with the status quo. They evaluate best practices and stay attuned Scott Humphrey to the performance of their competition. CEO of WFCA 6 Premier Flooring Retailer | May/June 2015
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